Improving your bottom line is always the goal of implementing an eLearning or eTraining system in your company, but an often overlooked element when designing an eTraining program is performance evaluation through quality testing and exams. Even if you have all the best in modern instructional design, interactive elements, gamification and fabulous graphics, your investment in training can fall flat if you don’t have a reliable form of performance measurement.

eTraining without quality measurement is like no training at all!

Testing measures the knowledge that the learner has retained after the eTraining program. A well written exam is essential to a quality eTraining program. Without a high quality testing program your measurements can be skewed or even incorrect.

Crafting good tests for your eTraining program can be a hefty challenge. Tests by nature can’t represent every piece of knowledge the learners are taught during their eLearning sessions. The test writer must sort through the curriculum and identify ways to measure the learner’s retention without creating a lengthy, cumbersome exam that simply repeats content.

If tests don’t ask the right questions, they can miss out on measuring learners’ performance in retaining the most important content that will help the learner succeed in their field and benefit the company. One pitfall many test writers fall into is asking too many small, compartmentalized questions, and fail to test the overall knowledge of the subject. Identifying the critical pieces of information that the learner needs and asking about the information in a way that requires them to recall the smaller bits of information is critical.

The application of knowledge in the real world is the ultimate goal of eTraining. Testing knowledge alone is insufficient when measuring performance when it comes to skills that will be applied on the job. Testing should include problem solving with challenges that the learner will be asked to solve in the workplace.

A great exam results in excellent measurement, which then proves your eTraining program which results in better employee performance, leading to growth and success for your company! LEAP is always ready to help you construct the most effective tests and exams for your eTraining program, just contact us for a free evaluation.

Happy training!

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