Learning, Education & Assessment Partners develops cutting-edge virtual reality modules that deliver superior retention rates and skills training to our partners. Virtual reality (VR) improves recall accuracy and engages multiple senses for a comprehensive, distraction-free learning experience.

VR is being adopted across a variety of industries striving to remove inefficiencies in their current training process. VR training simulations can be far more cost effective than instructor-led training to teach both standard procedures and proper responses to emergency events.

The training facilitated by VR enables students to act swiftly and accurately when they perform their work-related duties. These virtual environments can be developed as both training tools and assessments for the end user. Managers now have the ability track a variety of activities down to the finest detail in order to get a full picture of how well their trainees execute tasks and retain information.


LEAP e-Training is not one-size-fits-all! While other e-Learning development companies rely on the same templates over and over, our e-Training is customized to suit each individual company, its people and its industry. Understanding the trainees who will be learning the materials is a critical part of our process, to design courses and evaluations that help them achieve maximum success.

Our team of professional educators and digital interactive experts can build curriculum from the ground up, take traditional classroom-based courses and transform them into interactive digital experiences, or work with your in-house team to improve the e-Training you already have in place.